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As we age, our faces lose their youthful volume and gravitational effects occur resulting in changes in contour, sagging skin, deep lines, and loss of fat. We help you to achieve rejuvenation while preserving the fundamentals of what makes you look like yourself when you look into a mirror. We are careful to not create an overdone look. Our goal is to revitalize and increase confidence. Contact us today at 727-341-0337 or through the online consultation form to schedule a confidential appointment and discover the possibilities for rejuvenating your face.

Upper Lid Lift

A upper lid blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure to the upper eyelids. Over time, excess skin and protrusion of fat lead to a tired appearance. In severe cases, the skin becomes so excessive that it leads to hooding and even blocks peripheral vision. An incision is made in the crease of your upper eyelid to target this area. The resulting scar is discretely hidden in the fold of the upper lid.

Lower Lid Lift

A lower lid blepharoplasty / mid-facelift is a surgical procedure to the lower eyelids and midface. Aging can result in laxity of the fascia resulting in bulging of the infraorbital fat compartments. This can lead to a puffy appearance under the eyes. Sometimes, there is also excess skin. A lower lid incision is made through one of several techniques based upon patient anatomy and goals. Fat and skin may be redraped or excised. Often, a lift is performed to help restore youthfulness and fullness to the midface.

Face & Neck Lift

A face and neck lift is a surgical procedure that affects the middle and lower face as well as the neck region. Aging results in significant volumetric changes and the retaining ligaments of the face become lax. This results in sagging, jowling, and midface descent. The nasolabial folds become deeper and the lower face can appear fuller as the fat from the midface falls inferiorly. Banding and rhytids (wrinkles) can appear on the neck. In some individuals, they are more prone to fullness under their chin due to excess fat in this area. Unfortunately, many advertised “facelifts” are skin-only procedures that will stretch out and give an unnatural and pulled appearance. A true facelift entails altering the structure of the components below the skin to reposition the facial muscles, fascia, and fat which constitute the SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system). This procedure requires a skilled surgeon expert in facial anatomy. We often combine this procedure with fat grafting or an upper lid blepharoplasty to restore volume loss and improve contouring.

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